Oh What a Long and Crazy 2017 It’s Been

It’s been way too long since I’ve posted anything, and so here I am giving some updates.  I’ve been in flux for the past few months.  Most of this is due to my job and the changes that have been going on there.  I’ve come to accept that I need to find a new position, so I have been looking for things both inside and outside of my organization.

Although I’ve been stressed about this, I also see it as an opportunity for me to do something I actually enjoy, and possibly move somewhere new.  I’ve been relying heavily on my yoga practice to keep my mind at ease, and it has been extremely helpful.  I am also planning on starting a yoga teacher training course in January, so I’m looking forward to that.

Overall I’m feeling hopeful about the changes that will be occurring over the next few months, and I’m proud of myself for learning how to cope with my stress in a positive way as opposed to what I would have handled it five years ago.  Back then I would have been stressed out, not told anyone about my job situation, and drank to cope.  I would have thought this is the worse thing that could happen to me, and thrown myself a pity party.

Luckily I no longer deal with stress by ignoring a situation and drinking to forget about it.  I know that whatever’s meant to happen next in my life is out of my control, so all I can do is enjoy the ride.

Happy Holidays,  and here’s to an exciting new chapter in 2018!